Weight Loss

Even vegans can cary a few extra pounds than they want. Many new vegans loose weight and others are able to maintain healthy weights. The new vegans are often just getting accustomed to the new diets and not fully balancing eating, thus lose weight.

Back to my original thought. Even vegans can desire to lose a few pounds. Especially those of us addicted to more processed vegan foods. I am the first to admit that I could eat fewer processed foods. I lead a hectic life that I love and there are weeks I have less time for cooking. Even with my giant crockpot, I can run out of home-cooked options.

Over a year ago I had to have surgery completely unrelated to my diet or lifestyle. In fact, my diet and lifestyle probably postponed the surgery. Anyway, it was my third one in 10 years and I always gain weight after the surgery. I am less active while I heal and it just happens. I expect it. Within a year I have normally lost the weight again and don’t fret. This least surgery was different. A year later I still didn’t fit into my clothes the way I wanted. There were just extra pounds on me that I didn’t like.

I already exercise most days and eat as healthy as I can afford and make time for. So, what was wrong? I decided to try something different. I started using a Jawbone and its UP app on my phone. Through these tools, I figured out I was not moving as much as I thought, eating too many carbs, not enough protein, and not sleeping as well as I thought. Well, these are all things I can easily change now that I have the information.

I still don’t consume as much protein as meat eaters, but I’m healthy. For the first couple weeks I struggled with increasing my protein, but figured it out. Lots of quinoa and beans. Almonds in a hurry.

I’m down five pounds and fitting back into most of my clothes. I don’t want to buy new clothes, so my goal is to wear what I have. A few more pounds and I will be able to wear everything again. This feels good. The weight loss has been very gradual and thus healthy. No one has even noticed but me. Just what I wanted.

If on a similar journey, there are free ways to start figuring out what is needed to change. There are many smartphone apps that can help you measure your food intake and exorcise output, such as MyFitnessPal. There are apps to help measure sleep and heart beat. Even apps to measure your walking/running/biking distance. Even just journaling all your activity and eating can help shed light onto where small changes could be make to help reach a weight loss goal.

Weight loss is never easy and I can get a little cranky during the process. But, I feel so much better when I look into my closet and have lots options on things I can wear. Good luck on your journey!

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