Green Bar & Kitchen

2014-01-25 18.12.50


For my last dinner in Fort Lauderdale I went to Green Bar & Kitchen. It was walking distance from my hotel and had good reviews on Happy Cow. I was not disappointed. The woman at the counter was super nice and helped us order. When she found out we were from out of town and unable to come back when the smoothy bar was open, she found someone to make us a smoothy anyway, which made hubby ecstatic. We needed a lot of help ordering, but finally settled on avocado toast to start.

2014-01-25 18.22.56


It was delicious. The flavors were so different from what we expected and a perfect start for our famished tummies.

For the main dish hubby ordered the coconut green bowl with red curry (not on the online menu, thank goodness I wrote this down) and I got the  BBQ sandwich.

2014-01-25 18.29.35 2014-01-25 18.29.40


Oh so yummy. This time I actually helped hubby finish his dinner!

We also ordered the Aztec smoothie that had cacao in it another other deliciousness and desserts, but I didn’t get a picture of the desserts before hubby dug in. The desserts we tried included an almond butter cup, a coconut cookie, and a brownie. Totally worth trying.

I think one of the best parts about this place, other than the super nice staff and great food, was the patio. We really enjoyed sitting outside for dinner under the strung lights.

I highly recommend this place. It was our favorite during our little trip and I would enthusiastically return. Green Bar & Kitchen gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. Bonus: It’s gluten free!

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