Cafe Blossom

2014-01-04 17.01.42

One of my favorite meals while in NYC was visiting Cafe Blossom. I had been here once before, but it was several years ago and writing this blog. I’m glad I can share the delicious parts of my meal.

We started with the mushroom ravioli and were not disappointed.

2014-01-04 17.21.19

Next we shared a Caesar salad that was fresh and crisp. Just the way it should be. Our waiter suggested we add tempeh bacon and that was a very nice compliment.

2014-01-04 17.24.56

For entrees, hubby had port wine seitan and I tried the pine nut crusted seitan. As I have written before, I am not much of a meat substitute person, but the waiter said these were top choices. Both were delicious.

2014-01-04 17.41.49 2014-01-04 17.42.03

To close our meal, hubby tried the tiramisu, which was the evening dessert special, and I had the chocolate mousse pie. Mmm…

2014-01-04 18.13.38

Our meal was delicious. With this said, the menu was the same I remembered from several years ago. In addition, many of the options were veganized traditional dishes, rather than interesting options that are naturally vegan. I say this because the current trend is more towards interesting options that are naturally vegan. Cafe Blossom is part of a series of vegan restaurants and I am guessing the other concepts are very different. I look forward to trying the other concepts some day. It means spending more time in NYC. Oh darn! Five cupcakes!

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