January Cooking Class

2013-01-26 19.59.29

I love teaching and I love cooking. Making the plan for time with wonderful people and sharing several hours with the truly curious is so very rewarding. So, I offered a cooking class as a fund-raiser for the First Unitarian Church of Omaha and helped raise a good amount; also rewarding.

Last Saturday we had our healthy eating cooking class. All of the “mmm” and “yum” that I heard, as well as the second helpings, tell me it was delicious. Knowing my students were interested in learning more about a healthy vegan diet and struggled with giving up cow-milk based dairy products, I planned for us to learn to make cream of broccoli soup, baked asparagus, and spinach and tomato alfredo. We also discussed how to make a pumpkin cheesecake and whole wheat soda bread. These last two I made earlier in the day and brought with me to round out our shared meal. In addition to the actual cooking, we discussed how to pick the best ingredients and all the “whys” to each tool and step used in the process. We had lots of fun and closed the evening with big smiles and full tummies.

Please continue to watch the blog for all the recipes to be shared.

If interested in being part of a cooking class and live in or near Omaha, please reach out to me at aneverydayvegan@gmail.com

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